Expedition Bruine Bank 2016: Vote now!

The North Sea needs us – as we need the North Sea! Please vote now for Expedition Bruine Bank 2016 to make this expedition possible.

Due to its rich resources and strategic location, the North Sea is one of the most intensively used seas in the world and only about 40% of its original biodiversity value remains.  Habitats like oyster banks have severely diminished. Shipwrecks have taken over the role as hotspots of biodiversity.  However, discarded nets cause entanglement of marine life further threatening the biodiversity of the North Sea.  ‘Duik de Noordzee schoon’ organises diving expeditions to remove these ghost nets from the wrecks and the seabed.  To date these expeditions have removed 15,000kg of lost fishing nets, 8,000kg of lead and 30,000km of fishing lines and released over 6,000 entangled sea creatures. This project will fund a further expedition with 30 divers making up to 24 dives to remove nets, investigate marine life and create photo and film footage to generate media attention to highlight marine litter issues.

Click here for an Dutch summary published in Sport Partner.



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